The Challenge

CentralReach was facing a crucial pivot point in their history as a company. They had already successfully built the leading Electronic Health Record system in the ABA industry- their product was an end-to-end software and services platform that enabled administrators, clinicians, and executives of ABA to produce superior outcomes for people with autism and related disorders. Now, it was time to grow its current product and expand its offering. What they needed was an experienced product leader to help them build out and scale their product organization. But hiring the right CPO can take up to six months, and CentralReach did not want to slow down and miss out on continuously delivering value to their users.

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“Produx Labs provided the product leadership we needed to help us focus and accelerate our growth while we were hiring a CPO. They kept us constantly moving forward while working with our team to develop our product strategy, improve our processes, and hire the right product people. With their guidance, we are confident and aligned around the direction our company is heading in and feel fully prepared to realize our product vision.”


 Our Approach

Produx Labs helped CentralReach navigate this critical time by providing product leadership and thorough organizational support. We gathered and assessed extensive feedback from current customers, and then worked closely with the CEO to analyze their product strategy and create a vision for the platform. Our team partnered with CentralReach to create a high level concept of the future platform, and were met with enthusiastic approval from customers when we tested this new direction. We then created a roadmap for the next quarter, and ensured successful execution of the roadmap by providing product and UX support. We also assisted in hiring UX designers and senior Product Managers that could take on the work of scaling this new version of the product. When their new CPO joined the team, we partnered with her closely on the ramp up and ensured she had all the information she needed to make informed decisions about a rapidly growing company.

 Services We Provided

• Interim-CPO Advisory
• Product Strategy Assessment
• Organizational Design Guidance
• Hiring Assistance
• Quarterly Roadmapping
• Interim-UX and Product Management Help (contract)
• CPO Onboarding Ramp Up

About CentralReach

CentralReach is the leading EHR and practice management solution for clinicians focused on applied behavioral analysis, multi-specialty, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and PK-12. CentralReach is the only end to end solution in the market that integrates clinical data collection, practice management, and a marketplace product for these audiences. CentralReach is headquartered in Pompano Beach, Florida.

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