The Challenge

Bynder, an Amsterdam based Digital Asset Management Company, had just acquired their most prominent competitor, WebDAM.  This big win for the company came with even bigger challenges- they were suddenly faced with the realities of running a much larger product organization.  They needed to scale their processes, practices, and organization to ensure the merger was a success; find a qualified Chief Product Officer to helm the ship; and equip the company with the necessary tools so they could continue to thrive long after our engagement was over.


“Jumping on board as a CPO of a rapidly growing and evolving organization can be a daunting experience for anyone. Produx Labs was able to provide broad visibility into the organization, understanding of the market, analysis of the business, and recommendations to overcome existing challenges - all that provided a great footing to build new strategy upon.

The analysis and context provided by Produx Labs significantly expedited the time I needed to get to full speed in leading Bynder to its next stage of growth.”


Our Approach

After a visit to Amsterdam and an exploration of Bynder’s current state, we presented our ideas and direction to leadership and dove in. While Bynder searched for their next CPO, we began by providing immediate product leadership so the company could power forward without delay. We offered stability and direction by working closely with the executive team on product strategy, advising on long term plays and short term roadmaps to meet growth goals.

Once the strategy was set, we defined the new organization structure and reporting lines for the product management team. We were given room to evaluate individual product team players and advise on best fits for them within the product portfolio. We also recommended a few new hires to fill out the remaining gaps in leadership and on teams. Then, we used Product Institute, our online product management school, to efficiently train these new teams and to ensure the whole company was speaking the same product-led language. We also provided roadmapping guidance while deploying the short term strategy. Teams were able to come together around the most important objectives, and make a concerted push in product development that ultimately enabled growth.

Bynder also struggled with defining a pricing and packaging strategy that aligned with their new dual product line. Working together across the sales, product, marketing, and executive teams, we conducted a pricing analysis and found areas they could leverage quickly.

Meanwhile, the perfect Chief Product Officer was identified and it became our mission to get him up to speed as quickly as possible. We worked closely with him for two months to hand over the reins of our recent work, and got him ramped up so that he could confidently lead the team at the first board meeting and beyond.


“Closing out 2018 with record growth, Bynder cements status as global DAM powerhouse.”

 Services We Provided Bynder

• Interim-CPO Advisory
• Product Strategy Assessment
• Organizational Design Guidance
• CPO Onboarding Ramp Up
• Pricing & Packaging Assessment

About Bynder

Bynder is a Digital Asset Management (DAM) company based in Amsterdam, with offices in Boston, London, Rotterdam, Barcelona, and now San Mateo, through a recent acquisition of its main competitor WebDAM. It is a fast-growing (+40% YoY) company with over 300 employees.

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